BDEInfoSetup Utility Download

Applies to: Borland Delphi, BDE, Paradox Databases

Some Delphi applications use the Borland Database Engine, or BDE. The BDE is normally automatically installed by setup file of your application. But in the event your BDE installation gets corrupted, you may need to re-install the BDE manually.

Download and run the following setup file. It will install the latest BDE Version 5.2 and a special BDE Information Utility. The BDE Information Utility displays the current BDE version, current BDE Config File, and current BDE version. The BDE Information Utility can also be used to test your system to be sure that the BDE is installed and configured properly.

BDEInfoSetup.exe (6.73 Mbytes)

Attention Windows7 users: You will need to configure the BDE to work with Windows 7. Click here for instructions.

This tool was written by David R. Robinson at

  1. The BDEInfoSetup.exe worked.. thanks a lot.. :)

  2. I am running Windows 7 and wish to load Paradox 7 by using the original disc which I used when I had XP.
    It tells me that there is insufficient space on the drive although the actual space is 170GB.
    I tried loading Delphi, this got a little further then locked , but it did create the IDAPI folder
    with the BDECFG.EXE.
    I have set the Paradox access rights in RegEdit for users to FULL and READ, and using the BDECFG in the IDAPI folder set the NETDIR to the created C:\BDEShare.
    But I cannot get the Paradox disc to load, it still comments about the lack of space.
    I would appreciate any suggestions.

  3. Thanks a lot. It Worked.

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